Fielder's Choice

Jackson Fielder has a heck of an arm. Everyone in Smackover, Arkansas knows it, and so do the St. Louis Browns. Drafted right out of high school, he tears up the league with his signature pitch, the unhittable gooseball. He's a 19-year-old sensation headed for greatness--until, in the 1941 championship game against the hated Yankees, he walks home the deciding run. Fielder tries to escape the shame by joining the Air Force; after being shot out of a B-52 over Japan, he ends up in a prison camp. Following months of abuse and torture, he is "recruited" by a Japanese admiral, a Yankee fan, who wants his son to pitch like a pro. The boy, a kamikaze pilot, and his determination to throw the gooseball even though he will not live to play another game, put Fielder back in touch with his love for the baseball. During the course of the book, he sees the consequences of poor choices and bad decisions, his own and others. Beneath the baseball is a story about a young man learning to live his own life. Readers will sympathize with his indecision and suffer along through its consequences.

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