The Wildebeest

They primp and preen and chant their own names
While straining to be seen by those straining to be noticed
And become their own universe and laws of physics.
I. Ego. Inanis.
As there is no satisfaction in the comfort of extravagance,
I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.

They doubt and whine and obsess over trifles
While planning for extravagance with others planning for excess
And debate incessantly the meaning of inconsequential lives.
Me. Meus. Perditus.
As we cannot survive the miasma of opulence,
I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.

They are paralyzed at every fork
While stuck in the mud of rumination
And are unhappy because they are not happier.
Vacuous. Imperfectus.
As mine did well for a thousand generations
I simply choose to run down the wildebeest.

They choose comfort above life
While complaining that they got no further
And are incredulous when their excuses result in no audience, much less gain.
excusatio non petita accusatio manifesta
With persistence and without excuses
I simply choose to rise again and run down the wildebeest.

The Divisor

Ancestors knew fingers, not exponents
So could not count the stars
Grandmothers saw no space between atoms
So could not conceive of their numbers
Infinity immeasurable, she told him he was simply one of the whole
One over one is one
Counting to compare
Half then half then half again
Until infinity appears

His priest could count sins and his preacher the years since the great flood
They solidified their status with numbers
Declaring that life had a singular meaning
So he declared himself the dividend
While they manipulated the divisor with skill
One over exact is certainty
Counting to pull the cave walls in around you
Double then double then double again
Until infinity blossoms

He observes through the opacity of ten fingers
So cannot grasp the truly boundless
He dies during a slow journey around a single star
So cannot grasp timelessness
A spot colossal, a flash an eon, an obstacle his undoing
Over and over he counts to one and takes pride in his ignorance
Counting galaxies with fingers is futile
Expand then expand then expand again
Until you know the immeasurable

The helix halves then doubles without counting,
Manufacturing manufacturers forever
Stars explode and recombine along the Mobius strip without pause
Learn the immenseness between the stars
And your infinitesimal contribution to eternity
The truth of the divisor realized
Life after life is simply life, relevant to your genes but otherwise unessential
Divide then divide then divide again
Until you are immortal

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