Cross Body Block

Jax Fielder is back! Twenty-five years older but no wiser. Now a high school baseball coach, Fielder is deputized "interim" head football coach midway through the 1969 season and hurled, conscience-first, into the armed hostilities of the Arkansas high school football playoffs. His task is complicated by the fact that his two teenage songs plan on the team, each with varying degrees of ability and enthusiasm.

But winning the state playoffs is only one of the pressures driving Fielder to question his place in the universe. His eldest son remains estranged after ten years. His wife's religious fervor is a source of family conflict rather than cohesiveness. Fielder finds himself battling on several fronts to keep both his team and his family from disbanding. He slowly discovers that violence, in its many forms, is the element common to all his problems.

A poignant tale of the madness and mayhem of Southern families, Cross Body Block will make you laugh and make you cry. But most of all, it will cause you to re-examine several sacrosanct American institutions: religion, corporal punishment and football.

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